Sustainable Energy Management and Urban Development

Sustainable and efficient energy management will continue to be the focus in this sector in order to enhance the living conditions of the population and the energy independence of the country. On the supply side, Swiss assistance will concentrate on municipalities, whereas on the demand side residents and private companies willing to introduce energy-efficient technologies will be targeted. The programme will furthermore support a favorable legal framework as well as the development of and access to financial mechanisms for the industrial and residential sectors in order to decrease energy use and make the buildings and production processes more energy efficient. These interventions will be complemented by awareness-raising activities on energy efficiency as well as technical assistance with regard to energy efficiency loan products. The effectiveness of interventions in this domain will depend on the implementation of the planned and gradual reduction in subsidies for gas and its derivatives (heating, hot water) by the Ukrainian government. Sustainable urban planning measures are new in the programme and they will support municipalities in their efforts to develop in a sustainable and integrated manner, according to international best practices. Support for activities which shape a city’s capacity to plan, connect and finance its infrastructure system and urban interventions will be at the heart of the programme. Switzerland’s support in this field is aimed at contributing to the gradual emergence of greener and more sustainable cities, factoring in climate change risks and vulnerabilities.

After a successful pilot introduction of the “European Energy Award municipal energy management system” in the city of Vinnytsia, where the increase in energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy in the district heating system was promoted, a similar project in the city of Zhytomyr will be accompanied by the institutionalization of the European Energy Award at the national level and its introduction in other cities. The European Energy Award programme will thus tie in with activities at the level of integrated urban development, where Switzerland also intends to support several cities in various regions of Ukraine.

The support to the interventions in this domain is provided by SECO. The sustainable energy management and urban development domain will be funded with CHF 32 million during the cooperation strategy period 2015–2018.

Projects at a glance

  • Energy Efficiency Vinnytsia Project

  • Energy Efficiency Zhytomyr Project

  • Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REE)

  • Promoting the adaptation and adoption of RECP (resource efficient and cleaner production) through the establishment and operation of a Cleaner Production Centre in Ukraine
  • Integrated Urban Development Ukraine GIZ

  • Chernobyl Shelter Fund

This facilitates sustainable access to and use of infrastructure and resources such as raw materials, water and energy, particularly in urban areas.

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