Sustainable Economic Development

The private sector, and in particular SMEs, will be further strengthened through improved capacities, access to finance and a wider market outreach. Activities in the area of capacity-building will focus on strengthening skills of entrepreneurs and SMEs and on awareness-raising programmes. Access to finance for the private sector will be further advanced through technical and financial assistance to banks and the promotion of innovative financial instruments, as e.g. crop receipts. Interventions to enhance the market outreach of agrarian SMEs may 22 include strengthening the competitiveness of the latter through certified organic production, promoting exports through the definition and use of new standards as well as supporting market access via participation in international fairs.

In addition, supporting the creation of a better regulatory framework for financial institutions will correspondingly improve the services offered to SMEs. Activities may comprise the strengthening of financial sector regulations or supporting financial institutions so as to broaden their range of services and improve financial and non-financial services for SMEs. Further, to help establish a more business-friendly environment, activities in the sustainable economic development domain will support reforms aimed at further simplifying the business climate and the economic framework conditions. Interventions will be geared towards reducing administrative burdens and procedures that impede business operations in the private sector. To ensure that these reforms take into account the needs of various stakeholders, support will also be provided to business membership organisations that adequately represent the interests of SMEs and of all macro-regions of Ukraine, including the eastern regions.

The support to this domain is provided by SECO. CHF 18 million will be channelled into the sustainable economic development domain between 2015 and 2018.

Projects at a glance

  • Organic Market Development in Ukraine (Phase II)

  • SME Crisis Resilience Program

  • Ukraine Investment Climate for Agribusiness

  • Swiss Import Promotion Programme SIPPO (regional program)

  • IFC Strengthening Financial Systems

  • Crop Receipts

  • Strengthening SME Membership Organizations

  • Public Private Partnership to Improved Sanitary Education in Ukraine

  • EBRD: Stabilisation Fund, Ukraine

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Poverty means more than having no income, food and education. Unfortunately, the majority of the poorest is also characterized by fear and helplessness, lack of security and rights, discrimination and arbitrary government. So efforts to promote rule of law, human rights and justice are crucial for sustainable poverty reduction and guaranteeing development.

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This contributes to good governance and transparency in managing public resources as well as stability in the fiscal policy environment (monetary policy, public finances, banking system).

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