Sport and leisure – facts and figures

The Swiss are keen sports enthusiasts, especially outdoor pursuits.

Cross-country skiers in the mountains
Cross country ski trails at Turrahus in the Safien Valley, Graubünden © / Christof Schuerpf

  • Since the modern Olympic Games began, Swiss athletes have won a total of 192 Summer Olympic medals and 138 Winter Olympic medals.
  • The most popular sport in Switzerland is football. Around 10,000 matches are played every weekend.
  • Roger Federer is the most famous Swiss sportsperson in the world. He has won a record 17 Grand Slam tournaments to date.
  • Over 40 international sports federations and organisations have their headquarters in Switzerland, mostly in the canton of Vaud.
  • Switzerland has 2,450 ski lifts, of which 54% are T-bars.
  • There are over 20,000 sports clubs in Switzerland and 2.7 million sport licences.
  • Switzerland has around 32,000 sports facilities.