Swiss financial centre

Switzerland is one of the world's leading and most competitive financial centres. The financial sector is therefore crucial to the Swiss economy.

View of Paradeplatz in Zurich with UBS and Credit Suisse buildings.
The financial sector, made up of banks, insurers and pension funds, is a mainstay of the Swiss economy. © UBS

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading and most competitive financial centres. Roughly a quarter of total global cross-border assets are managed in Switzerland. The Swiss financial centre is also a leader in transaction financing and a key international location for insurance and reinsurance. Switzerland therefore boasts a large number of banks and insurance companies. The main financial hubs are Zurich and Geneva, both of which have an international reputation, with Lugano taking third place. The Swiss financial sector is a cornerstone of the Swiss economy and generates around 10% of GDP.

Switzerland has adopted global standards on tax, the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, and financial market stability. It has also established an appropriate legal and regulatory framework to enable its financial sector to provide high-quality products and services and stay innovative, for example by removing the barriers to market access for fintech companies.

Banks and insurance companies

Switzerland's banks and insurance companies are global leaders in wealth management and provide key financial services.

Financial market policy

Switzerland has adopted a dynamic financial market policy to assist its financial sector, which is based on three key strategic approaches: 'innovative', 'networked' and 'sustainable'.


Switzerland promotes digitalisation and fintech in order to future-proof its financial sector.

Adopting global standards

Switzerland cooperates with international bodies on developing new financial and tax standards and implements current agreements.

Sustainable finance

Switzerland supports responsible financing and investment decisions that take account of environmental and social impacts.