Event review: So Swiss! in Suzhou

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Local news, 06.07.2023

The Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai promoted Swiss sustainability at “So Swiss!” in Suzhou on 15th June in cooperation with the Suzhou Foreign Affairs Office and the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU). Experts provided food for thought, as they showcased and discussed Swiss sustainability in construction, healthcare & lifestyle. Jürg BURRI, Ambassador of Switzerland to China, Sacha BACHMANN, Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, Fei XIE, Deputy Secretary General of Suzhou Municipal People’s Government and Zhoulin RUAN, Vice President for Academic Affairs at XJTLU jointly welcomed participants at the opening ceremony.

Opening ceremony of 'So Swiss! in Suzhou'
Opening ceremony of 'So Swiss! in Suzhou' @ CG Shanghai

Suzhou is a Top 6 Chinese city by GDP. More than 40 Swiss companies are based in Suzhou not only in the manufacturing sector but increasingly also in research and development. Ambassador Burri linked the economic success and the natural beauty of Suzhou by saying that “smart people go to beautiful places.” Swiss companies ABB, Holcim, Jansen, Laufen, Leister, SGS and SIKA shared best practices as to how they contribute to achieving sustainable development.

Sustainable Urban Renewal

At “So Swiss!” the Consulate General highlighted Swiss cutting-edge architecture, which embraces both tradition and innovation. The Constructive Alps exhibition showcased five aspects of sustainable architecture in the Alps: longevity, positive energy balance, sobriety, use of natural materials, and respect for the landscape.

Prof. Chen ZHAO from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing University, moderated the Swiss Sustainable Construction Roadshow panel discussion. Experts included Nadia BENANI, Counsellor, Head of International Cooperation Division, Embassy of Switzerland, Beijing, Vincent ZHANG, Chief Architect of Lemanarc, Architect ETH/IAUG/SIA, Daniel HEUSSER, Chief Architect and General Manager of VIRTUARCH and Davide LOMBARDI, Senior Associate Professor, Head of Architecture Department at XJTLU.

The above experts discussed the application of innovative technology in architecture. They shared their views on how to adapt design to particular regional environment conditions and to preserve buildings and the urban landscape through time. Drawing from examples in Switzerland and China the panelists highlighted the positive role architecture could play in environmental protection and sustainable development.

Sustainable Healthcare Ecosystem & Sustainable Lifestyle

Dr. Jie ZHANG, Associate Professor, XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy moderated the very insightful Swiss Sustainable Healthcare Ecosystem panel discussion. Experts included Prof. Mu WANG, Executive Dean, XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy, Xiaodong WANG, President and Deputy Party Secretary of Children’s Hospital of Soochow University as well as Dean of Clinical Pediatrics School of Soochow University, Bernhard RISSE, Network Lead Core Lab Development, Roche Diagnostics Global, Xiaodong FENG, Head of Technical R&D CHINA, Novartis and Jianguang WU, General Manager, Electro Medical Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and Board member Electro Medical Systems (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd.

Prof. WANG emphasized the important role of education and basic research in sustainable development. He stated that the industry can achieve sustainability through talent cultivation. The experts agreed that mutual collaboration among stakeholders as well as prioritizing resource investment is paramount in order to achieve sustainable innovation.

The successful hosting of this forum not only provided new insights for the healthcare industry, but also laid a more solid foundation for the future sustainable development of public health.

Sustainable tourism is not expensive. The tips shared by Daniela CHIANI, Switzerland Tourism Greater China Director are: choose greener routes; travel like a local and discover more rich experiences in Switzerland; plan your travels in low seasons; choose climate-friendly transportation (e.g. public transportation, boat trips, rail trains); and try hiking and leave no rubbish or traces on the way.

Although aviation is a major contributor to global CO2 emissions, Swiss International Air Lines is leading the transition to 'net zero' aviation through its investment in SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels). Meanwhile, Yang XUE, General Manager Sales Eastern China, Lufthansa Group introduced to the audience a new technology called AeroSHARK which specifically imitates the properties of shark skin with its particularly aerodynamic properties, thus optimizing aerodynamics at relevant points of the aircraft which in turn results in reduced fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions.

Wyeth Nutrition, part of Nestlé, gave an insight into the food industry's big role in achieving sustainable development. Jingheng CAO, VP of Public Affairs&Communication, GCR Wyeth Nutrition, presented the brand's sustainability journey in terms of greenhouse gas reduction, recyclable design and virgin plastic reduction, as well as sustainability communication campaigns for customers.