Strengthening Primary Health Care in Kosovo

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Local news, 26.02.2019

SDC supported Kosovo in assessing the quality of Primary Health Care services in all Kosovo municipalities.

Strengthening Primary Health Care in Kosovo ©MoH

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) supported the Ministry of Health in conducting a thorough assessment of the quality of Primary Health Care (PHC) services in all Kosovo municipalities. The findings of the study were discussed today with the Mayors and representatives of all Kosovo municipalities as well as other relevant stakeholders. The participants welcomed this independent, evidence-based assessment of the needs and priorities of improving the quality of care provided to the citizens of Kosovo.

The Swiss Ambassador to Kosovo Jean-Hubert Lebet stated that he is happy that the study has now been completed for all Kosovo municipalities, including the ones in the north of the country. ‘It is for the first time that such comprehensive data become available for the country, offering a wealth of information that allows comparison, benchmarking and policy and priority-setting based on evidence’.

The study shall serve as an important basis for orienting future investments in the health sector by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo as well as the donor community.

A process for elaborating municipal action plans on the basis of the data available will follow in the months to come. SDC will continue supporting this process through the Accessible Quality Healthcare (AQH) Project, which supports improving the quality of PHC services since 2016.

AQH Accessible Quality Healthcare