The overall goal of the SCS 2018-2021 is that "women and men benefit from equitable socio-economic development and exercise their rights and responsibilities in an inclusive federal state". This goal will be pursued through three integrated domains of intervention, where the federal state building programmes contribute to the achievement of the sectoral outcomes, and the sectoral operations promote the progressive establishment of inclusive political and social institutions. This approach reflects long-standing Swiss reputation, competencies, and networks in Nepal, and responds to the changed context with a renewed emphasis on establishing appropriate working modalities. 

Employment and Income

Rural production and service systems and with special emphasis placed on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Disaster risk reduction, emergency relief and reconstruction

Saving lives and covering the basic needs of victims, and repair damage repaired as quickly as possible.

Federal State Building

Strengthening the state in serving citizens, democratisation, fair economic and taxation policies, and respect for human rights .

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)

Equal opportunities for men and women in all development processes, for a balanced society.