Switzerland's support to Serbia in the fight agains the Covid-19

Press releases, 09.04.2020

Referring to the Serbian government’s enquiries asking for support in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the Embassy of Switzerland would like to inform about the measures which have been undertaken or will be carried out in favor of Serbia and its citizens while reminding that Switzerland is itself one of the hardest affected countries in Europe.

  • Over 600’000 euros have been made immediately available to support the efforts of the Serbian Government to react on the pandemic. These funds are being used to support the most vulnerable, namely elder people and Roma communities, with food and hygiene items.
  • A truck carrying tents, blankets and tarpaulins donated by the Swiss Humanitarian Aid arrived this week in Serbia. Switzerland supports the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration to contribute to provide migrants with a shelter and alleviate the situation in asylum centers.
  • A repatriation flight chartered by the Swiss government was organized on April 4th with nearly 200 Serbian citizens wishing to come back home. Residents in Switzerland or passengers in transit embarked on the return flight.
  • Among the top three bilateral donors, Switzerland spends yearly around 23 million € supporting the economic, social and democratic transition process in Serbia. In the frame of this cooperation, we will stand by to support the Serbian government to implement measures aiming at mitigating the negative impact of the Covid-19 on the Serbian economy and society.  

We continue to work closely with the Serbian authorities to coordinate our government’s actions in these challenging times.

On a more personal note, the Embassy of Switzerland in Serbia would like to show its immense gratitude to the men and women in Serbia who are daily risking their lives to fight the pandemic. Not only those who are in the forefront of the struggle like the doctors, the nurses or the ambulance drivers, but also those whose courageous commitment to their jobs enables the rest of us to have a normal life. We are thinking of the sales personal in food stores and takeaways, of the bank employees, the garbage collectors and many others. Once the pandemic will be over, we sincerely hope that their heroic engagement will not be easily forgotten, be it in Serbia or elsewhere.