Young Swiss abroad: congratulations for reaching the age of majority

Local news, 20.09.2023

On 20th September, the Chancery Team of the Embassy of Switzerland in Serbia organized a celebration for young Swiss abroad who have reached the age of 18 and as such the legal age of majority. The aim of the event was to introduce them to their rights, obligations and opportunities as Swiss citizens, as well as to encourage them to take part in our democratic processes.

Celebration for young Swiss abroad at the Swiss Residence
Celebration for young Swiss abroad at the Swiss Residence ©Swiss Embassy

During this half-day event, the participants were not only informed about the various functions of the embassy, but also had the opportunity to learn more about civil status, citizenship, consular protection and military service. They also received information on their rights to vote and to be elected, as well as on their access to the Swiss education system.

The second part of the event provided an enjoyable chance for young Swiss people to meet and network with like-minded Swiss abroad. During this evening reception, the Ambassador of Switzerland, Urs Schmid, underlined the importance for the Swiss community abroad to participate in our democratic and political processes, to stay in touch and to maintain the link with our country of origin, as well as for dual nationals to use the strengths of their two cultures to build bridges and foster mutual understanding.