Culture for Democracy project: Within fourth open call 19 new initiatives supported

Local news, 15.01.2024

Within the Swiss project new grant winners were selected under the open call for cultural and artistic projects.

New grant winners selected for realization of cultural and artistic projects
New grant winners selected for realization of cultural and artistic projects ©Heartefact

Through the Culture for Democracy project, Switzerland will support new grantees selected within the fourth open call for realization of cultural and artistic projects.

Grants are awarded for the implementation of activities that are relevant for the development of society and local communities, as well as for the development of various cultural and artistic practices of the independent arts and cultural sector. Within this call, the Culture for Democracy project received a total of 75 project applications, out of which 19 projects were selected for the support. The total approved amount for funding within this fourth call is EUR 200’000, while the individual value of approved projects is from EUR 7’000-15’000. The selected organizations come from 13 different cities across Serbia, and the planned activities will be spread across additional 11 cities, municipalities, and villages, showcasing great geographic diversification. Furthermore, this diversity extends to artistic disciplines, encompassing theater and performing arts including dance, visual arts, theory of arts and literacy. The projects tackle subjects like human rights, vulnerable and marginalized groups’ rights, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, ecology and strengthening of critical thinking.

The full list of supported organizations within this open call for realization of cultural and artistic projects is on Heartefact Fond’s website.

The Culture for Democracy Project aims at supporting the independent cultural sector to contribute to improved social cohesion and tolerance at the local level. Supported by the Government of Switzerland with EUR 1’945’000, the first project phase lasts from October 2021 until February 2025, and is implemented by Heartefact Fond.