New job shadowing call open

Local news, 20.03.2024

Within Culture for Democracy, a new call for proposal submission is open for supporting cultural and artistic organisations project in their programatic and organizational activities.

New job shadowing call open
New job shadowing call open ©Heartefact

Within the Culture for Democracy project cultural actors will be provided with resources to unleash their potential for triggering critical and creative thinking around topics of immediate relevance for their communities.

The open call refers to the Job shadowing grant scheme that aims to to build capacities of cultural and artistic professionals in Serbia by providing grants for on-the-job training and learning from practice. Job shadowing may be implemented through two models:

  1. an internship model that is open to less experienced cultural workers from Serbia (candidates) who will gain important work experience from the host organization and its employees, or
  2. an on-the-job training model in which the host organization hires an expert who can contribute to higher quality and more efficient work of the organization and its employees through the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Deadline for applications submission is April 17th 2024. Applications are to be send to The Culture for Democracy project team stands ready to assist with project applications and any questions/concerns that may arise in the application process. Call Guidelines and mandatory application documentation may be found here.

The Culture for Democracy project aims to contribute to strengthening the independent cultural sector to foster greater social cohesion and tolerance at the local level. The first phase of the project runs from October 2021 to February 2025 and is supported by the Swiss Government with a grant of EUR 1’945’000, implemented by the Heartefact Foundation.