Tech4Good: effective partnerships with the private sector and academia

Through close cooperation with the scientific community and the private sector, the SDC exploits the full potential of new technologies for poverty reduction. The SDC promotes innovative technological approaches to increase the effectiveness of its projects worldwide. New technologies offer enormous opportunities both for humanitarian aid and for sustainable development, but they also entail risks. This is why the SDC always combines innovation with education and good governance wherever it operates.

Technologies co-developed in Switzerland are improving the living conditions of millions of people in areas such as agricultural technology, healthcare, disaster resilience and access to resources. This is made possible by the innovative research conducted at ETH Zurich and EPFL as well as by international Swiss start-ups and Swiss companies with global operations. Tech4Good's commitment is making a significant contribution to achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

2030 Agenda

Engineer explaining how a water-cooled air conditioning system works.


Energy consumption in new public, commercial and residential buildings in India is being reduced through energy-efficient design and the use of renewable energy technologies.

A red house surrounded by green trees, built from sustainable cement.


The SDC is supporting the development of a new type of cement called LC3. The production of this cement emits up to 30% less CO2 than conventional cement.

Satellite image of a rice-growing area with colour indicators used to estimate yields.


State-of-the-art satellite technology is used to estimate annual rice yields. This information is used to provide farmers in remote areas with crop insurance.

African farmer holding up her Agri-Fin Mobile membership card.

Agri-Fin Mobile

Agri-Fin Mobile, a provider of agricultural and microfinance services via mobile phones in Indonesia, Uganda and Zimbabwe, is expected to reach 280,000 smallholder farmers.

Three men install an automatic weather station in the Peruvian highlands.


Swiss-Peruvian partnership aimed at developing high-quality, science-based climate services to strengthen the resilience of local communities and farms.

A group of people celebrating their access to drinking water through improved technology.

Swiss Bluetec Bridge

The SDC provides financial support for innovations that give the poorest population groups access to water. Scientists conducting basic and applied research also benefit from this.

A local community is trained in the use of a micro power plant.


A platform for the transfer of knowledge and technology to promote and spread renewable energy solutions and increase energy efficiency in international development cooperation.

A rural resident in Africa is registered in a social security system via a mobile phone.


Open source software for health insurers and other social protection systems in low- and middle-income countries. Digital data management facilitates billing processes and registration of people in remote areas.

«openIMIS» - An «open source»-(Health) Insurance Management Information System (PDF, 2 Pages, 187.9 kB, English)