Switzerland’s contribution to the enlarged EU

In the framework of its European politics, Switzerland participates since 2007 in projects that aim at reducing the economic and social inequalities in the European Union (EU). The partner countries that are part of Switzerland’s contribution are the thirteen States that joined the EU from 2004 onwards (EU-13). Switzerland’s engagement constitutes an investment in the safety, stability and prosperity of the European continent. Switzerland strengthens at the same time its economic and political relations with the EU and the partner countries. Switzerland does not participate in the cohesion fund of the EU, but develops its projects in an autonomous way, collaborating closely with the partner States.

In 2017, the federal Council has decided to set the course for a new contribution of Switzerland. The granting of a second contribution by Switzerland is an autonomous decision and has no direct connection to other issues, but the contribution overlays with the framework of the bilateral relations between Switzerland and the EU. The final decision on the financing of this contribution will be made by the parliament.