Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee on International Cooperation, AC IC, is an extra-parliamentary committee. Its primary task is to advise the Federal Council and federal offices, including the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC, the Human Security Division, HSD, of the Directorate of Political Affairs within the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, FDFA, and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research.

Tasks of the Advisory Committee on International Cooperation

  • The Advisory Committee provides advice to the Federal Council on international cooperation, humanitarian aid and cooperation with Eastern European countries.
  • In particular, it is responsible for reviewing the goals, priorities, and overall approach to development cooperation.
  • It is permitted to make its own recommendations under Article 25 of the Ordinance on International Co-operation and Humanitarian Aid (SR 974.01).

Composition AC IC

The Advisory Committee has 15 members in the following categories:

  • Non-governmental organisations, NGOs: the Swiss NGO representatives operate in development cooperation or are involved in raising awareness of development policy in Switzerland.
  • Private sector: representatives of companies and associations also serve on the Advisory Committee.
  • Universities: representatives from the academic world undertake research on a wide range of international cooperation issues.

List of members of the Advisory Committee on International Cooperation (PDF, 1 Page, 234.8 kB, German)


The Advisory Committee generally holds four 1-day meetings and one 2-day closed meeting each year. In carrying out its remit, the Advisory Committee may also undertake working visits outside Switzerland.

Advisory Committee office AC IC

The Offices of the Advisory Committee supports the Committee and the Chairman in matters concerning Committee work, while also providing administrative support. It consists of two persons covering these two working areas.

In administrative matters, the Offices of the Advisory Committee are subordinate to the Swiss Agency for Develoment and Cooperation (SDC). The responsibility for the content of the Committee meetings, however, lies with the Committee Chairman.