Earth's Treasures – Exhibition on the use of mineral resources

martes, 25.08.2015 – domingo, 28.02.2016


Exhibition flyer: Earth’s Treasures – How we use and value mineral resources
The Earth's Treasures exhibition seeks to answer various questions about the use of mineral resources. focusTerra

Opening: Monday 24 August 2015, 6pm

Mineral resources play a fundamental role in our daily lives and their availability is often taken for granted. Although many raw materials are not renewable, their worldwide consumption is steadily on the rise. What are the long-term consequences of the increasing use of non-renewable resources? What are the future challenges? focusTerra, the Department of Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich, tries to answer these questions in a special exhibition on the use of mineral resources.

This exhibition supported by the SDC shows how minerals are formed, mined and used. The focus is on the question of how resources can be extracted in an economical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible way, and be used and reused for as long and as efficiently as possible.

The exhibition explores a wide range of political, historical and legal aspects, including the role of raw materials in the history of humankind, working in mines, the role of Switzerland as a hub for international trade in commodities, financial flows, laws and regulations in the extractive industries, and sustainable living.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on Monday 24 August at the museum focusTerra in Zurich. On Wednesdays experts give a series of public talks on various topics related to raw materials. Themed tours take place on selected Sundays.

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Organiser: focusTerra
Exhibition languages: German, English

Lugar: Museum focusTerra, ETH Zentrum, Raum C 60, Sonneggstr. 5, 8092 Zürich