GWP Global Water Partnership

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Three pertinent, complementary and synergic global Networks (respectively membership/core funding and contribution to specific project): (1) SDC's co-support to the Global water Partnership (GWP); (2) Support to specific project of GWP; (3) membership to the World Water Council (WWC); (4) membership to the Water Footprint Network (WFN); (5) Support to projects and small actions of WWC and WFN. Through its participation to these networks, SDC pursues four major objectives: a) Influence significantly the development of the water sector at global level and contribute to the harmonization of the different approaches. b) Communicate and disseminate SDC’s experience at global level. c) Strengthen SDC’s interventions in the water sector trough the global inputs of the networks. d) Maintain and develop a strong Swiss positioning in the water sector. These objectives contribute to the overall goal to achieve the global water security as a contribution to all major MDGs related to water, like: eradicate elimination extreme poverty and hunger (1), reduce child mortality (3), ensure environmental sustainability (7) Develop a global partnership for development (8) and assure the implementation of the Accra Agenda for Action in the Water sector. Each of SDC’s selected partners have specific corresponding goals which Switzerland shares and supports.

Región/País Tema Período Presupuesto
A nivel mundial
Política del sector del agua
01.04.2009 - 31.12.2013
CHF  3’320’000
Dirección / Officina Federal responsable COSUDE
Crédito Cooperación al desarrollo
Contrapartes del proyecto Contraparte del contrato
ONG internacional o extranjera
Otra organización internacional
  • Global Water Partnership
  • Other international or foreign NGO North

Presupuesto Fase en curso Presupuesto suizo CHF    3’320’000 Presupuesto actual suizo ya emitido CHF    3’127’139
Fases del proyecto Fase 9 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2025   (Fase en curso) Fase 8 01.11.2017 - 31.12.2020   (Completed) Fase 7 01.11.2014 - 31.12.2016   (Completed)

Fase 6 01.04.2009 - 31.12.2013   (Completed)