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State-secretary Yves Rossier in the Near East for political talks

11.09.2013 — Press releases EDA
The state-secretary of the FDFA, Yves Rossier, is currently on an official visit to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory from 8 to 12 September 2013. He will meet his Israeli counterpart, Rafael Barak, and the Palestinian deputy-foreign minister, Tayser Farahat, primarily to discuss the current peace talks. Switzerland has been a longstanding advocate of a two-state solution to the conflict in the Near East.

Auschwitz-Birkenau: Switzerland is committed to the preservation of the site

03.05.2013 — Press releases EDA
Switzerland is contributing to the preservation of the former extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau with a donation of one million euros to the foundation responsible for the maintenance of the site. This donation is a response to a call for funds totalling EUR 120 million addressed to several dozen States. With this gesture, Switzerland is demonstrating its international solidarity and respect for the victims of Nazism, and contributing to the necessary work of remembrance.

Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter travels to Israel and to the Occupied Palestinian Territory

30.04.2013 — Press releases EDA
From 1 to 5 May Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter will be in the Near East for a working visit. During his visit to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah, Mr Burkhalter will meet the Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu, the Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Switzerland has for a long time advocated a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Report on the state of work on looted art during the National Socialist era

17.01.2011 — Press releases EDA
The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) is publishing on behalf of the Federal Council the "FDHA/FDFA Report on the State of Work on looted Art during the National Socialist era, in particular, on the subject of provenance research". The document, published on the Internet includes the summary of a survey of Swiss museums on the state of provenance research as well as the results of the "Holocaust Era Assets Conference" in Prague.

Conclusion of the Durban Review Conference in Geneva

24.04.2009 — Press releases EDA
The Durban Review Conference has sent a strong message to the victims of racism thanks to the final text it adopted by consensus. It also constitutes an unequivocal statement by the international community in support of the fight against racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia. The follow-up process to the 2001 Durban Conference has advanced the fight against racism in Switzerland. Civil society was a very active partner both during the Conference itself as well as in the margins. The demonstrations organised by civil society this week were orderly and peaceful.

Recall of the Israeli ambassador in Switzerland

20.04.2009 — Press releases EDA
The FDFA has received confirmation of the recall of the Israeli ambassador to Switzerland. The FDFA deplores the excessive remarks made in this context by various Israeli representatives.

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