A guide to Swiss democracy

On 15 September in Bern, the Swiss Democracy Foundation launched the Swiss Democracy Passport, a guide to democracy in Switzerland. The booklet was created with the support of the University of Bern and the FDFA, and includes a foreword by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis. Ambassador Corinne Cicero Bühler, head of the Directorate of International Law, took part in the official launch.

Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis and Bruno Kaufmann pose with the Swiss Democracy Passport.

The Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis received a copy of the Swiss Democracy Passport from Bruno Kaufmann, editor of the guide. © FDFA

In a large room in the Käfigturm, a building in the heart of Bern that is longer than it is wide, we learn more about Swiss democracy, its history, its foundations, the practices that result from it and the challenges posed by the contemporary world. On 15 September 2021, the Swiss Democracy Foundation, in partnership with the University of Bern and the FDFA, presented the first edition of the Swiss Democracy Passport. This 54-page booklet is intended to provide information on the principles, functioning and practice of democracy in Switzerland.

"This guide fosters discussion on democracy and its future.
Corinne Cicéron Bühler, director of the DIL

Corinne Cicéron Bühler, head of the FDFA's Directorate of International Law (DIL), took part in the presentation of the Swiss Democracy Passport, an "up-to-date and important" guide that fosters discussion on democracy. The benefits of democracy and the challenges it might face in today's world were some of the topics included in the presentation. The guide also mentions the crucial role of trust in institutions in a democracy. "It is necessary to link closely domestic policy and foreign policy in order to maintain this confidence," she said.

Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis looks through the small book. His hands opening the book are in the foreground.
The Swiss Democracy Passport also highlights the strong link between Switzerland's internal and external policies. © FDFA

Switzerland a benchmark for democracy in the world

The previous day, representatives of the Swiss Democracy Foundation presented the guide to Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis. He welcomed the project, which portrays Switzerland as a benchmark for democracy in the world, and thanked the foundation for its work. In his preface he reaffirms the importance of "carefully and continuously nurturing democracy to ensure its functioning and development".

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