Switzerland’s commitment

Since becoming a member in September 2002, Switzerland has established itself as an active member of the United Nations - one that makes constructive efforts to find pragmatic solutions to the issues at hand.

United Nations general secretary, António Guterres, behind two lecterns between the Swiss and the UN flags
United Nations general secretary, António Guterres, during his first visit to Bern in 2017 © Keystone

Switzerland enjoys particular credibility among the international community due to the fact that it does not indulge in power politics and pursues no covert objectives.

No nation can possibly face the great challenges of our age alone. It is therefore in the interests of Switzerland to work for a stronger United Nations. Switzerland takes an active part in the debate about the UN reforms, putting forward a number of ideas and pragmatic proposals for solutions. One example of this is the creation of the UN Human Rights Council, which originated from an idea put forward by Switzerland.

In other fields, too, Switzerland conducts its affairs through the UN whenever an internationally coordinated approach is more rational and efficient than an individual project. This is the case in peace and security policy, development and humanitarian aid, and in economic, social and cultural matters. The framework of the UN is also important for the maintenance of international law and its continued development.