At various organizations, Switzerland disposes of a permanent representation, a so-called mission, or of a permanent delegation.

Mission to the UN and to the other international organizations in Geneva

Switzerland safeguards its interests with regard to the UN and other international organizations in Geneva, such as the WTO and EFTA, and exercises its responsibility as host state through two permanent missions.

Mission to the UN in New York

Switzerland safeguards its interests at the UN head office and participates in the same way as other member states in accordance with its foreign policy objectives

Mission to the FAO, IFAD and WFP in Rome

Switzerland represents its interests and positions in the areas of food and agriculture at the relevant UN organisations in Rome

Mission to the UN and to the other international organizations in Vienna

Switzerland's interests and positions are represented at the UN organizations based in Vienna by a permanent mission

Mission to the WTO and EFTA in Geneva

Switzerland represents the position and interests of its economic sector in the international trade organizations WTO and EFTA to help create a favourable trade environment for Swiss companies

Representation of Switzerland to the Council of Europe

The delegation not only represents Switzerland's position and interests within the Council of Europe, it also monitors the work of other EU institutions in Strasbourg and acts as an important link to stakeholders in Switzerland

Delegation of Switzerland to the OECD in Paris

The Delegation to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris works to defend Switzerland's interests in connection with the OECD and supports the 500 or so Swiss delegates who travel to Paris each year

Swiss Delegation to the OSCE in Vienna

As a participating State, Switzerland works to defend its position and interests in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Permanent Mission of Switzerland to NATO in Brussels

A permanent mission safeguards Swiss interests at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Brussels within the framework of the Partnership for Peace (PfP)

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