Demonstration for peace in Syria in December 2016 in Berlin
Demonstration for peace in Syria in December 2016 in Berlin © REUTERS/Christian Mang

Peacebuilding is enshrined in the Federal Constitution and is one of the priorities of foreign policy. Thanks to its neutrality, its humanitarian tradition, and its experience and expertise, Switzerland enjoys a high degree of credibility in peacebuilding and is a sought-after partner worldwide. Over the next few years, it intends to further strengthen its good offices – especially its mediation capacities.

Switzerland focuses on areas of peace policy where it has particular strengths. Over the past 15 years, it has developed a wide range of instruments to promote peace and security. It is actively involved in crisis and conflict management and also conflict prevention, helping to develop international codes of conduct and standards for the international community and to improve their application.

But preventing the outbreak of new crises and wars is equally important.  For this reason, Switzerland is engaged in efforts to deal with the past, support democratic processes, strengthen institutions governed by the rule of law and promote human rights, and also prevent violent extremism and atrocities. At the same time, Switzerland is an active proponent of peace in international organisations such as the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the UN.