The division is made up of three sections specialised in:

  • general international law
  • International Treaties
  • Asset Recovery

The division is concerned with the following themes in conjunction with other areas within the FDFA and the federal administration, where appropriate: 

  • neutrality, international security and the peaceful settlement of disputes
  • aspects of European Union (EU) law and of the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU (institutional aspects and implementation)
  • diplomatic and consular protection
  • protection of Swiss investments abroad
  • migration and the legal status of foreigners in Switzerland
  • relationsship between international and national law
  • procedures for the conclusion of international treaties
  • competence of the Swiss federal authorities with regard to the approval of treaties
  • information of the federal administration, the cantons, the courts and individuals about the agreements Switzerland has concluded with foreign partners
  • functions related to the some 80 multilateral international treaties for which Switzerland is the depositary
  • international legal assistance and cooperation in areas such as police and customs
  • combating corruption and money laundering (assets of politically exposed persons)
  • Law of Neighbouring States and cross-border cooperation
  • relations between Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein

Last update 22.08.2023


General, Treaties and Asset Recovery

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