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Cooperation Programme for Central America 2022-2024

With its new 2022-2024 Cooperation Programme in Central America, Swiss Cooperation is entering a new phase. The Dispatch on Switzerland’s International Cooperation 2021-2024 envisages a responsible and gradual withdrawal of Swiss bilateral cooperation from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Swiss Cooperation Programme for Kosovo 2022-25

Starting with humanitarian assistance in 1998, Switzerland’s cooperation with Kosovo has gradually shifted towards supporting transition processes and progress towards European standards and values. In 2008, Switzerland was one of the first countries to recognize the republic of Kosovo and to establish diplomatic and consular relations. Switzerland and Kosovo have since then developed a trusted partnership based on mutual interests and rooted in the spirit of the cooperation agreements between the two governments.

Swiss Peace Supporter 1/2022

This issue highlights the 'return on investment' of peace operations, i.e. their personal and institutional added value. An assignment at the UN in New York, for example, gave a colleague important impulses for his work in Sri Lanka. Other topics include the conflict in Cameroon in the context of the Africa Cup, a Moscow exhibition on gulags, and a look back at a long FDFA career in peacebuilding.

Guidelines on Water 2022-25

The Guidelines on Water 2022–2025 substantiate the principles of the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020−23 and the IC Strategy 2021−24 in relation to the foreign policy thematic priority of water. The structure is framed by the five key objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. The guidelines are part of the third level of the cascade of core foreign policy documents. They are primarily aimed at the FDFA but may also provide guidance for other departments and actors. A glossary explains the key terms.

Arms Control and Disarmament Strategy 2022–2025

This report, which was approved by the Federal Council on 2 February 2022, is a thematic strategy following up on the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020−23 (FPS 2020−23). The adoption of an Arms Control and Disarmament Strategy is a measure that the Federal Council has undertaken as part of its annual objectives for 2021. This Federal Council report also fulfils postulate 21.3012 of the National Council’s Security Policy Committee.

Object 1 – 12 of 557

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