A flooded street in Obrenovac in Serbia in May 2014
The OSCE provides assistance during natural disasters – flooding in Obrenovac in Serbia in May 2014.

Economic prosperity and environmental issues are part of the Economic and Environmental Dimension and are determining factors for stability and security.

The Economic and Environmental Dimension includes:

  • good governance
  • combating corruption

  • environmental protection

  • sustainable use of natural resources

  • water management

  • environmentally sound waste management

  • competent management of natural disasters

In order to foster security in the domain of the environment, the OSCE is an active member of the Environment and Security Initiative (ENVSEC), an initiative also supported by UN institutions and by NATO. The Initiative focuses on implementing environmental projects in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, as well as in the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia. Fully in keeping with the spirit of the OSCE, these projects are also able to contribute to mutual confidence building between various population groups and different countries.

In addition to the Environment and Security Initiative, Switzerland is actively involved in the domains of good governance, the fight against corruption, and money laundering. Furthermore, of particular concern to Switzerland during its year of OSCE Chairmanship are disaster risk reduction and disaster management, as well as the exchange of good practices in disaster prevention and control.

Rubbish collected in the natural surroundings of Pristina is disposed of by members of the OSCE mission
OSCE mission members help tidy up public spaces throughout Kosovo as part of the ‘Let’s Do It Kosovo!’ action in Pristina on 24 May 2013.




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