The OSCE in brief

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the world's largest regional security organisation. The main focus of its work is to overcome differences and build trust. It works to ensure peace, democracy and stability for more than a billion people. The OSCE defines security in a comprehensive way in three dimensions.

OSCE flags in Wien
OSCE headquarters in Wien.

The politico-military dimension
Activities in the politico-military dimension fall under several areas: reforms in the field of defence and policing, border control, combating cross-border threats such as terrorism, conflict prevention and resolution, arms control, safe storage and destruction of small arms and light weapons, and combating cybercrime.

The economic and environmental dimension
This dimension works to promote economic development and environmental protection. Its activities focus on combating corruption, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources and environmentally sound waste management, and dealing with water management.

The human dimension
The human dimension ensures that human rights and basic freedoms are respected and protected, and works to build democratic structures. It also promotes tolerance and non-discrimination, freedom of the media, minority rights and the rule of law.

Last update 25.03.2024

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