Types of deployment

In a field in eastern Congo, police adviser Laurent Heidrich informs a group of children about the dangerous remnants of war hidden in the fields. Heidrich works for the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Laurent Heidrich informs children about hidden dangers left over from the war. Heidrich is a Swiss police adviser in the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. © Laurent Heidrich

Monitoring the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, helping the police in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to investigate crimes, developing the expertise of ministries and international organisations – these are just three examples of how Swiss experts are sharing their knowledge in civilian peacebuilding and the promotion of human rights.

The deployments  with the Swiss Expert Pool for Civilian Peacebuilding (SEP) reflect Switzerland's geographic and thematic priorities in peace and human rights policy. To promote young talents, Switzerland supports placements for young people in international organisations.

Swiss experts are seconded to missions lasting from a few days to several years for example as election observers, police advisers or specialists in constitutional and judicial reform, federalism, mediation and the rule of law or human rights and international humanitarian law.

Assignments for young professionals

The Expert Pool coordinates the selection of candidates and sponsors placements for graduates at the UN. The young people are then employed directly by the UN. who have already embarked on an international career can work for up to three years on the UN Young Professionals Programme.

Young graduates with no international professional experience can work for one year on a volunteer placement on one of the UN's programmes.

UN Young Professionals Programme 

UN Volunteers