FDFA whistleblowing platform

Ensuring the highest standards of integrity across all its activities is a priority for the FDFA. The FDFA has therefore set up a whistleblowing platform where any suspicions of irregularities or abuses linked to its activities in Switzerland or abroad can be reported.

FDFA whistleblowing platform


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Whether you are an FDFA employee or a third party, you can report any suspicion of wrongdoing, irregularity or abuse linked to the FDFA's activities.

FDFA whistleblowing platform 

Who is the whistleblowing platform for?

The FDFA's whistleblowing platform is available to all its employees and partners as well as to private individuals. It is a secure external platform available in five languages. It is run by the FDFA Compliance Office, a neutral body that is independent of the operational directorates. 

Under Article 22a of the Federal Personnel Act, mandatory or voluntary reports may also be made to an external office that is independent of the FDFA: the Swiss Federal Audit Office, which is responsible for the financial supervision of the Federal Administration.

Whistleblowing platform, Swiss Federal Audit Office

What can be reported through the platform?

Any irregularities or abuses linked to the FDFA's activities can be reported, including the following:

  • Financial irregularities (theft, embezzlement, fraud in public procurement and other areas, etc.)
  • Corrupt practices, accepting or providing undue advantages
  • Sexual harassment or abuse, workplace bullying, discrimination
  • Irregularities in consular matters (visas, civil status)
  • Other abuses (unresolved conflicts of interest, abuse of power, etc.)

Justified suspicions are sufficient. 

How do I report a concern?

Visit the secure external platform and follow the instructions to report a concern quickly and easily. The FAQs explain how the platform works and provide other helpful information on the reporting process.

You can report a concern anonymously and communicate with the Compliance Office via a secure inbox. 

What happens after I report a concern?

The FDFA Compliance Office will send you confirmation that it has received the report and if necessary clarify any facts and/or circumstances and recommend appropriate action. Whistleblowers do not have to be informed of the measures taken on the basis of their report.

If a criminal offence or serious misconduct is suspected, the FDFA Compliance Office will coordinate the investigation with the criminal prosecution authorities and the Swiss Federal Audit Office. 

FDFA Compliance Office

The FDFA Compliance Office is the FDFA's central body for responsible for handling and coordinating irregularities and abuses related to the department's activities. It also plays a preventive role through training that strengthens the capabilities and integrity of FDFA staff.

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