Celebrating 1 August in Switzerland's four language regions

Article, 01.08.2019

To mark the Swiss national holiday, Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis is visiting all four language regions of Switzerland. The head of the FDFA will give a speech and meet with locals at Krauchthal (BE), L'Etivaz (VD), Chiasso (TI) and Zuoz (GR).

Four cantonal flags pinned to a map of Switzerland.
Map of Federal Chancellor Ignazio Cassis's travel programme for the 2019 Swiss national holiday. © FDFA

On the eve of the Swiss national holiday, Wednesday 31 July, Ignazio Cassis will speak in Krauchthal in the canton of Bern. The next morning, on Thursday 1 August, he will begin the day's festivities with brunch and a speech in L'Etivaz in the canton of Vaud. He will end the day in Chiasso in the canton of Ticino. On Friday 2 August, he will travel to Zuoz in the canton of Graubünden to give a speech at the official opening of the '100 onns Lia Rumantscha' festival.

With four stops in four languages for the 1 August celebrations, Mr Cassis is honouring Switzerland's linguistic and cultural diversity. This pluralism – the cornerstone of the Swiss identity – is undeniably an asset for the country, both at home and on the international stage. "I want to bring together what belongs together. So we can be proud to call ourselves a country made up of four different cultures," he explains.