Embassies and consular posts

The information provided on this page concerns the regime of diplomatic and consular privileges and immunities as it applies to the beneficiary categories for which FDFA Protocol in Bern has responsibility, namely:

  • diplomatic missions (embassies)
  • consular posts in Switzerland (consular agencies, consulates, consulates general)
  • their staff members
  • members of their family and private household employees

This information is provided purely as an aid and is not legally binding on the host state.

Foreign permanent missions and international organisations

Additional information that will be found in the manual on the regime of privileges and immunities of the Swiss Permanent Mission in Geneva concerns the permanent missions in Geneva and international organisations, their staff members, family members and their private household staff. 

The Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the Office of the United Nations and other international organisations in Geneva has responsibility for these beneficiary categories.

Last update 16.02.2022


Privileges and immunities

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