The treaties in detail

Type of treaty International bilateral treaty
Subject 0.63
Number (Classified Compilation of Swiss Law) 0.632.315.631.11
State Mexiko
English title Protocol amending the agricultural Agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the United Mexican States, signed in Mexico City on 27 November 2000
German title Protokoll zur Anpassung des Landwirtschaftsabkommens zwischen der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft und den Vereinigten Mexikanischen Staaten
French title Protocole portant modification de l'Accord agricole du 27 novembre 2000 entre la Confédération suisse et les Etats-Unis du Mexique
Concluded on 11.10.2011
Exchange of ratifications 27.04.2012
Entry into force 01.09.2012
Publication (Official compilation of Swiss Law) 2012 4385/4385
Languages angl., esp.
Publication dispatch (f/g) (Federal Gazette) none
Validity Accord de base: voir sous RS 0.632.315.631.11

Type: A = Accession, S = Declaration of succession

Status list

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Number Annexe Signature Entry into force CH Publication
1 Annex I - Direct transport 11.10.2011 01.09.2012 n.p.
2 Annex II - Explanatory Notes to Article 13 of Annex I to the Agreement 11.10.2011 01.09.2012 n.p.


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