2019 celebrations: multilateralism, Geneva Conventions and the International Labour Organization

Multilateralism and the International Labour Organization are celebrating their centenary in 2019. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949.

the ‘Palais des Nations’ building in Geneva and its flag-lined route stand out in the night.
The ‘Palais des Nations’ in Geneva © Keystone

The end of the First World War marked the emergence of multilateralism. The world is currently experiencing major social and interstate tensions and a weakening of the world order. One hundred years of modern multilateralism and the International Labour Organization and 70 years of the Geneva Conventions are landmarks that remind us of the vital role of multilateral bodies and international law in protecting Switzerland’s interests. Insights, podcasts, videos and interviews: this dossier will provide content throughout 2019.

Last update 03.05.2023

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