Family reunification

If a Swiss-Turkish couple wishes to live in Turkey, the Swiss spouse must fill out an application for a family residence permit in Turkey, which is submitted via the website of the immigration authority. The application must be made within the 90-day period from the date of entry, during which Swiss nationals can stay in Turkey without a visa. After the system has allocated an appointment, the documents listed on the application form must be submitted to the immigration office before the day of the appointment. 

This type of residence permit is usually issued for a maximum of three years. An extension should be applied for 60 days before the expiry of the permit via the website of the immigration authority. Should the other conditions listed in Ordinance No. 29656 of 17.03.2016 be fulfilled, a permanent residence permit can be applied for from the eighth year of residence in Turkey.

Registering marriages contracted abroad

Marriages contracted abroad or registered partnerships under civil law are recognised in Switzerland and must be registered with the Swiss civil status authorities. Swiss nationals who get married abroad are required to register their marriage with the competent Swiss representation abroad. The representation translates and authenticates the marriage certificate and forwards it to the civil status authority in Switzerland free of charge. In exceptional cases, you can also notify your cantonal civil status authority, which will forward the marriage certificate and related documents to the representation abroad for translation and authentication. In this case you will be required to pay a fee.

Getting in touch with us early on

You are advised to consult the relevant Swiss representation before your marriage regarding the rules you need to comply with so that the marriage can be recognised in Switzerland and entered in the civil status register as soon as possible.


Turkey does not recognise same-sex partnerships or marriages. Outside major cities and tourist centres, hostility and discrimination against same-sex couples are commonplace. 


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